7 tips how to get a great night sleep

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Sleep is not always an easy task, well specially for me anyways we all have hectic lifes during the day, relaxing a little seems like an impossible mission to achieve, we end up sleeping only a few hours a day. I truly believe that sleep may be the key to success in our lifes, I shared here with you my 7 tricks to sleep like a baby.

  1.  FOOD: Is very important not to overfill your belly at night and dinner time about two hours before bedtime, so you will not feel heavy and you will sleep way easier and faster.
  2. BATH: Taking a bath before going to bed will make you sleep way faster because it relax your body and release your stress accumulated during the day.
  3. READ/LISTEN: To something spiritual or relaxing before going to bed so try to avoid horror movies if you think you will feel tension or suspense.
  4. PAJAMAS: are a very important garment to sleep in choosing the appropriate pajamas believe it or not, will change the way you sleep it is very important to feel comfortable with the clothes you wear to sleep. Choose a pair of pajamas with a nice fabric that does not give you too hot specially cotton or silk are a must check out  UKLINGERIE for pajamas must have.
  5. BED: avoid working in bed your room have to be a place of relaxation and disconnection, the bed is only for sleeping.
  6. ROUTINE: Find something that relax you and repeat it every day before going to bed, I don’t know but somehow it works   having a glass of milk  before going to bed makes me sleep like a baby.
  7. EARLY TIMES: going to bed early couldn’t be missing in this 7 tips they say between 11pm and 1am is when the body recharges energy. If you have not gone to sleep between this period of time or you didn’t sleep the enough hours like they say that they are 8 a day  you will probably wake up exhausted the next morning.

Hope this tips are useful and if you know a cool tip don’t forget to leave a comment down below would love to know.

Thanks so much for stopping by and wish you all a wonderful Sunday!


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