Miu Miu slip-ons

gYeah I got my Miu Miu Slip- ons but they weren’t that easy to get them after saving to buy them I went to the store to finally buy them they said they had the last in my size I was so happy but after 10 minutes they told me they were reserve for somebody else ;( and if the other person doesn’t come to pick them up I would be the second option so I though it wasn’t meant to be and decided to save my money right was sad not to get them but next day I receive a call from the store telling me the good news that the slip-ons are mine  ;D I always think when they are not meant to be they are not for you but always get this that they always have the last in my size and I end up buying them but I’m so glad I did they are so comfortable ;D and you know me I don’t like sneakers much but having some feminine edgy flat shoes can easily relax or foots from along walk ;D

Slip-ons: MiuMiu


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