A Day With dharma spa


While in my stay in Guayaquil , I have been invited to fashion events, I went to the No More Jeans events the other day and I won a treat to the Dharma Spa with my below photographer .

The place is very clean and the  personal is very friendly ,

I have to confess that my visit to the Dharma spa was amazing I have never felt so relax specially because I had an energetic stones massages , that’s such a different experience then with the normal massage I have ever had the stones are so warm that you feel it in your skin but after a few seconds you don’t feel it that hot anymore , they put an harmonious songs in the background that make you feel even more relax then normal.

I only wish the massage was a little bit harder but for the rest it was great had the  massage from head to toes felt so calm and relax.

While my dear friend , decided not to take the full body massage like me but a Dharma facial, he had a lot of black heads in his face and for that they made him a special mask made by collagen it left his face clean and smooth without any black head on his face , it was so funny because the green mask remembers me to the Mask the movie ;D.

we both left very happy and want to go back soon to the Dharma Spa it is very worth it when you feel so stress out and the only thing you want to do is relax and think about nothing .

For each of the treatments cost $45.00 dólars

For more info you can visit the website at http://www.dharma-spa.com/

Hope you enjoy reading my review ,

Happy Saturday!



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