Back on to the Preppy Side


I still remember when I started my blog that the only thing I always use to wear in my outfits were my hats 4 years and half later still wearing hats but not as often as I use to my style has change so much.

I use to wear way more preppy stuff then now sometimes people email me that my style is not that preppy as the name of my blog, well when people ask me to describe my style I always say that my style is very eclectic and a mix of everything it really depends on my mood hehe.




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What I Was Wearing:

Beret: Manjewell similar HERE

Blouse: Mango

Sweater: Yoyomelody

Skirt: ClosetLondon

Watch: Sekonda

Bracelet: Balenciaga

Vintage bag: Dior similar HERE

Pumps: The Alysia Style



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