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Louis vuitton pastel gradient effect dress

Louis Vuitton was the reason that I got obsessed with pastel colours after seen they spring 2012  collection I felt in love with those lace dresses and all those pastel colours and after looking in all the shops to find a similar dress like the one from Louis Vuitton I finally founded in Romwe and now they are even sold out Romwe have amazing clothes you should have a look , the dress have 3 different pastel colours baby pink, yellow and blue I tell you cause you can not really appreciated on the pictures cause was a nice sunny day so happy it was and I finally did something with my hair LOL tomorrow hair inspirations on my blog so stay tuned

What I was wearing:
Prada look like sunglasses: courtesy of ROMWE 
 Hollowed Flower Gradient Effect Dress: courtesy of ROMWE
Pastel baby blue bag: accesories
Cream wedges: zara
Pearl bracelet: otazu
neon bracelet: market

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