Geometrics stripe dress


Normally I don’t wear dresses that are so stretch into my body , because everyone starts at me specially if you are traveling with the public transport but once in a while when you have a special occasion is not that bad at all right I  always bring a jacket to cover myself even though is not really like I’m showing something just legs in my aspect , but the thing that I love about this dress is that shows your figure very beautiful one thing that makes me realize is that we should embrace or body just the way it is <3.



PS: recently I have got this gorgeous Daniel Wellington watch and love how minimalistic and chic it looks normally I wear my Michael kors watch 24/7 ;D Daniel wellington is given my followers  discount with the code PREPPYFASHIONIST for 15% off when you order at before August 31st.




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What I Was Wearing:

Dress: Celebindresses

Bag: Saint Laurent

Sandals: Zara similar HERE and HERE

Watch: Daniel Wellignton

Red lipstick: Mac


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  1. Благодарю вам. Ваш блог это отличный повод найти приятных и интеллигентных людей, способных к конструктивным обсуждениям и критике. 🙂

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