Inspiration’s of the week

In my inspirations of the week The leopard coat yes since I bought  mine I’m totally  loving it and love this inspiration picts  Hope you get inspired as I’m  wich one is your favorite one  and also some street style pictures and the animal print in pants loving it this winter cause why been so boring when you can bring brightness to this winter kisses Virgit xXxx


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7 thoughts on “Inspiration’s of the week

  1. Awww and a belated New Year to you too Virgit ^_^ Such a fan of prints but can never get it quite right myself =( *le sigh. These girls are completely rockin it out but I must say no one can do rocker grunge quite like Miss Moss here =)

    kisses xx

  2. I found your blog through flingly’s old blog(since now they have a site as a magazine). i enjoyed reading it and i was instantly interested into following this blog.
    you are so lucky to be featured in so many blogs! you deserve it!
    a follower of yours, (by the way i know you’ve been asked again and again and i am not here to bother you, but if you spent two minutes to check out my blog that would mean the world to me-its not like i am asking you to follow, since my blog is still new and i am not sure how interesting it is for you to follow-just check it out).
    p.s i love the editorial with kate moss wearing a leather jacket,its so sexy!

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