Once Upon The Time

Happy Mothers day!  to you sweeties I started mothers day last Friday  I took my mum to see Julio Yglesias in concert ,  I don’t think many of you know him but he is the father of Enrique Yglesias I grew up with his music even tough he is really old now but he still sings pretty well, and today the celebration continues  but as I always say we shouldn’t just celebrate today at least telling her that you love her every single day as we only have one mum and she is irreplaceable .

I decide to shared every weekend something amuse on the blog I watch this video last night that Karl lagerfeld did I think is perfect how Coco Chanel started her business and with Keira knightley  in the main role I just adore her love every movie she have been playing in , would love read what do you think about the movie ?

Happy Sunday!


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