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Hello Dolls,

After been all casual , I had to be the normal me again wearing heels and been preppy if I could interpreted the Typical woman from Guayaquil It would be like this, in the old times people use to be very reserved and classy and they use to wear more skirts than normal and year 2014 I see the woman’s from Guayaquil wearing more jeans than anything else and  is such a shame wearing a skirt make any woman look more feminine I’m not saying I don’t wear jeans I do but most of the times when is cold of when I’m hairy haha LOL.

The other day I had the pleasure to visit the biggest Panama hat factory from Ecuador I was amaze by the history of the Panama hat that I will be sharing with you guys very soon, I love this classy Panama floppy hat is totally an statement .



Pictures by Cristian Barragán

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What I Was Wearing:

Floppy Hat: Ecua Andino hats

Preppy Blouse: Hedonia

Skirt: Hedonia

Heels: Valentino Rockstuds

Leather Bag:  lend it from my aunt but similar via ASOS


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