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Today let’s talk about a different subject it is Saturday and I think is great to get good tip’s on how to get those beautiful pictures you see on my blog.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve read comments or received emails and inboxes asking me « What camera do you use ? » or « What lens do you use to take your pictures ? » . I would spend my days advising all of you if I had to reply to everyone, so I told myself : why not revealing  in this exclusive article and on this unique occasion all the gear I use for shooting, why and how I use it? So here we go : in this first post, I’ll talk mostly about my own experience, the different lenses i use or used. I decided to start with tips on what gear to get for the very beginners, and if you guys are interested, I might write more advanced articles in the future.

My First Camera: CANON 500D

If you follow my blog from the beginning of my journey, you might know that I loose my camera ones including my new lens my moschino belt and my favorite boots ever in a bag I put behind my bike , I was so upset! because I spend months on saving to buy my expensive camera and I only had it for like 6 months, so my first camera was a canon 500D with a kit lens and with no idea how to use it or any experience at all I start photographing my friends in parties and other stuffs but I was so unhappy at first because I bought a professional camera and  I expect it to get a blurry background, I couldn’t understand how others managed to get a blurry background, so I decided to go on research how other people get that beautiful blurry background so I ask a professional photographer but he didn’t understand me much what I wanted to photograph! but he told me that people usually ask him what camera they should use to get that look, when it’s actually the lenses that really make a difference. and yes , the look of the pictures are mostly determined by the lens you use on your camera.

My Current Camera: CANON 600D

Is a professional camera but not a extremely pro not that expensive in compare with others  but also not that cheap but I wanted something in between  to make good photography ,  I remember when I bought it I was poor as what!  I bought it for 700 just the camera body but I guess now they are more cheaper like for 500.

My dream camera at the moment is the CANON 7D cost  around 1.549 so I will keep on saving to buy it is a good investment this camera is really a pro so if you can afford it I will recommend you to buy it but after you have experience before with other camera.

You have to choose a camera that fits your understanding of photography, but I wouldn’t invest much money  if you are just a beginner, but once you are use to it , and definitely get more interested in cameras with a bigger sensor , and learn about white balance , focus mode, manual, auto, single, continuous,… shooting mode and etc that’s when you start to enjoy taking pictures at it fullest.

Canon 50mm 1.8 G – the all around lens.

This is probably the lens I used the most during my learning process. 50mm is the perfect lens to learn photography. It’s the focal length that is the closest to your eyes, so what you see is what you capture with your camera. I learned how to frame, how to deal with wide open aperture, and forced myself to move instead of zooming in and out. Pictures will look just like what you see), and it’s a really flattering lens for streetstyle, and  you can shoot at a comfortable distance. However, I got  bored of it after a while,  because I wanted my pictures to look even much better and more blurry and needed something more « fun » .

I would recommend this lens to every beginner, it’s a great focal length to start with, it’s super versatile, you can shoot easily in low light, and it’s usually the cheapest lens of all the focal range ! I’d recommend it if you are really on a budget this is the best lens to get a blurry background and the cheapest lens ever well! in compare with others this lens cost €95 in stores.

Canon 85mm 1.8G – the Dream lens

The 85mm is my absolute favorite lens. It is razor sharp, even wide open, it produces out-of-this-world pictures  (out of focus areas), and is just perfect for beauty shots.

With this lens you get beautiful and professional pictures I also use it for full body shots, actually for all kind of pictures the pictures you will get with this lens are simply dreamy, with a beautiful contrast and colour , it is way sharper than the 50mm you can easily see the difference between this two , the only downside about it is that it is a bit expensive than the 50mm so I waited for a while to get it because at first I wanted to experience as much as I could with the 50mm but now I just can’t live without this lens is the dream lens that everyone should use for street style and blogger pictures .


The only down area about this lens is that you’ll often have to step back in order to get your subject in the frame, especially indoors.

Lens cost: 339,00 but if you want a better and higher result you can also buy the canon lens 85mm 1.4 is much better but that will cost you a arm that lens is around 819,00

I hope you like this article and that I could help you by answering all your questions about the photography area and would love to read your lovely comments of what lens you guys use.

Much Love,


Happy Saturday!





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