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A few weeks back two days before valentines day I was invited by River Island for the #StylewithLove event in London at their flagship store in Oxford street.

Never been  to the store before and guys it is massive after living in the Netherlands for years and the River Island stores in Amsterdam are just normal sizes I was amaze by the store in London ;D

With just two Style Studios in the UK at Park house Marble Arch in London and in  Bull Ring Shopping Centre in Birmingham, you can book an exclusive appointment for free  with your very own personal stylist You can book either online or over the phone and when you book you can let them know what your personal style is. Your stylist will then prepare a room for you in advance of your booking, picking out product they think would fit your style and some extra pieces so when you arrive the product is all ready for you and get to walk your own little catwalk using their 360 degree camera!

If you are in a wardrobre refresh or looking for more inspirations or even booked for that special occasion like we always girls have such as birthdays or other parties events ;D with the choice of 3 different appointments, lasting either 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours, you can build a whole wardrobe or just a single outfit tailored specifically to you.

Have you used River Island’s Style Studio already? What was your experience like?

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The River Island team did a great job of organising this event and keeping everyone entertained by including quizzes, nibbles and funny games that was a great opportunity to get to know more bloggers from the UK ,I even recognise one of the girls at the event but wasn’t sure where I knew her from and after the event she tweeted me that we knew from Lookbook.nu as most of you know I starter my Lookbook before I starter my blog so is fun to actually see some lookbookers in real life ;D.



This was my look of the day as you know I love burgundy too much hehe


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For my big surprise the very talented stylist created our own personalises outfits for all the bloggers at the event I love what they chose for me I love edgy looks with leather jackets  and seriously this is an outfit I’d wear need it in my wardrobre so I’m thinking on coming back to the store and get it ;D



My nails were done in a burgundy colour of course and with the word love as valentines day was just two days away.

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