Vanzz hearted look

More Pastel colours I just recieve this AMAZING blouse from OASAP and I love it is so chic and sophisticated I always wanted to own one OASAP have really good stuff and I really love this combination of colours and specially with a cute girly touch with my heart sunglasses, I hope the weather gets better cause today have been really horrible rain and more rain wishing to have a great summer in Holland I hope the weather change soon boooooo ;(

What I was wearing:
Hearted sunglasses and blue pastel pants: H&M you can also find them HERE and HERE
Pink glitters collar blouse: courtesy of OASAP
Nude sandals: STEVE MADDEN



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13 thoughts on “Vanzz hearted look

  1. Left a comment on lookbook regarding your shades but still…I’m leaving a comment right here too. I really like this look and you look beautiful both in pastel shades and in more bright looks. Quite versatile you are!
    Your hair looks super natural and beautiful!


    Sandra @

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