5 days in Akureyri: snow storm and Icelandid cardigan


I don’t even know where to start seriously I’m so bad at dressing up in winter times specially in Iceland you have to be very sporty to keep yourself warm I manage to wear the most winter proof look, I wore my Emu boots that kept me warm all time while in Iceland and got this Icelandic cardigan that shared with the boy because why not if I tell you why I shared because the price is seriously ridiculous but ooh so worth it because is handmade I love cardigans with  knitting pattern like the one I’m wearing.

It was very cold and windy in Akureyri, which makes shooting a lot of fun.  Plenty of hair flying having a mind of its own lol lucky I got this few good picures, hope you like them  I spend 5 days in the north of Iceland in Akureyri to be exact I will be publishing my vlog soon about my trip so stay tuned ;D.



img_2456 img_2519 img_2418 img_2510 img_2509 img_2446 img_2430 img_2574

What I was Wearing:

Handmade Cardigan knitting pattern: bought it at an icelandic store in Reykvaik but similar HERE

Turtle neck sweater: Longtallsally

Jeans: NoisyMay

Boots: EmuAustralia

Backpack: Freedom of movement

Earmuffs: At an Icelandic store in Reykvaik but similar HERE









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