Barrio Las Peñas


This must be one of my favorite places in Guayaquil Barrio Las Peñas( of well known as Las Peñas neighborhood ) I love the architecture of this neighborhood and the houses a lot of tourist come here every day this the only conserve neighborhood from Guayaquil  because of the architecture and the colorful houses .

That day I met Carol an Ecuadorian Blogger from who also lives in Amsterdam but we never had the chance to meet over there,  it was funny that we both are on holidays in Ecuador so we had the pleasure to meet and have a chat with each other, while walking more than 390 stairs to get to the top I thought I will never make it to the top on heels I still remember the first time I got there I was so tired but this time I wasn’t tired at all, I think that must be my dutch condition by that I mean cycling make you fit in Holland  ;D.



Pictures by Victoria Olvera



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What I was Wearing:

Sunglasses: Celine similar by ASOS

Stripe Blazer: New Yorker similar by Asos

Top: H&M similar by Asos

Skirt: Zara similar by Asos

Sandals: Asos

Bag: Proenza Schouler similar by Asos


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