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Blog award

16 December I was awarded  with a Blog award  by Meg’s Budget Boutique   and I’m just posting it now   cause always had  my outfits post that used to keep me busy now that I have more time I’m posting my award. I just want to say Thank you for the blog award Darling it makes me happy getting these awards you are such a sweetheart wich  you should all  pay a visit to her blog she gives amazing beauty tips Meg’s Budged Boutique
The Rules
If you are awarded a Blog award you must:

  • Thank the person you received  the award from
  • say 7 Things about yourself
  • pass the love to 15 other bloggers

I already Thank Meg for the award so here the 7 things about me

  1. I love Greece that is my best Holiday place to be
  2. I love to bake specially cakes
  3. Love to cycle 
  4. My favorite colour is purple
  5. I’m a big fan of Gossip girl
  6. Love to window shop so I get inspired
  7. I’m a big fan of UK labels such as New look

So here are the 15 blogs who receive the blog award


Please do check them out cause all of them are such a stylish Girls .

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Preppy Fashionist AWARDS

Hello dolls I was so happy reading your commenst when I saw that Kukiskuku was given me 3 blogger awards so happy to know that you guys love my blog I want to thanks kukiskuku again she is wonderful check out her blog by cliking in her name kisses dolls and now anwswering 7 things about my selfs check it out .
  1. I speak 3 fluent languages English, dutch,spanish and I understand a bit of german.
  2. I love nail art u will never see me no wearing nail polish on my nails and that’s why I get inspired by youtube nail art channels.
  3. I love High heels which girl doesn’t.
  4. I start loving fashion since I was a little girl wearing my mums high heels and red lipstick but at the age of 16 start loving fashion more cause I start modeling.
  5. I love the english accent ,english actors and english movies
  6. I love twilight I’m a big fan of it I have read all the books and even thought the fact that I don’t like to read books LOL
  7. And the last but not least love ROBERT PATTINSON lol the perfect gentleman for me ;D

So now I will give the 3 bloggers awards to my top 12 list of bloggers
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