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Paris is such a beautiful city hope to go there one day I still remember when I bought this bag at a vintage store years ago before I even started the blog Louis Vuitton will always be a classic one don’t you think and even if you buy it vintage it looks beautiful than new and a little bit cheaper then the original price ;D. I have been cleaning my closet lately specially in my shoes area and I finally got to count how many pair of shoes I own well  I own 75 pair of shoes but I still have to count the shoes I have in the basement is crazy how addicted I got to shoes I have more shoes then bags seriously  and soon I will update my store so that you can shop there I gonna be selling a beautiful pair of shoes that I love but for some reason I don’t know my foots are getting smaller and some of my shoes are too big for me now is seriously weird did it ever happen this to you before cause I keep asking my self if it is me or are more people out there with the same problem Thanks so much for reading sweeties wishing a wonderful weekend ahead.

What I’m Wearing:
Sunglasses: courtesy of ZEROUV
Coat: sandro via Maasmechellen village
Paris Sweater: courtesy of CHICNOVA
Pants: MANGO

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Time Flies

 First of all HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my American Followers today is such an special day such a shame I don’t celebrated but I feel blessed and thankful for everything I have in my life <3.
Time flies we are almost December I can’t still don’t believe it !
On today’s look I’m wearing this gorgeous Pink coat from Udobuy I adore it since I got it I can’t live without it, that’s because is my only pink coat in my entire closet not I’m lying LOL I have an other pink jacket as well  I seriously need to move out I need a bigger closet ;D.
As pink is now so in this season and love to mix it up with burgundy and denim it goes so well together love that the  blouse  fits perfectly not to tight not to loose just perfect I think denim blouses will stay and won’t go out of trend ;D.

What I Was Wearing:
Coat: courtesy of UDOBUY 
Denim blouse: courtesy of CHICWISH
Burgundy pants: Mango
Heels: zara
Sunglasses: Celine 

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 Last Saturday I went to Antwerpen to visit some family and of course to meet up finally with the gorgeous Nathalie from the blog is funny when you chat with someone through the internet and see them in real life it was like me and Nathalie knew each other already I’m so thankful that through my blog have met such a wonderful people . Happy Saturday Guys.

What I was Wearing:
Baker boy cap: H&M paris collection but similar HERE
Sweater: mango but similar HERE
Burgundy pants: mango but similar HERE
Boots: zara

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A New Day

An other  perfect colour combination in that colour  Burgundy YES once more Love the two tones of the sweater eveything match perfectly don’t you think? it has been really windy over here I don’t know how it is where you live but here brbrbrb. HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE

What  I was WEaring:
Coat: zara but similar HERE
Sweater:courtesy of Nowistyle
Pants: mango but similar HERE
Heels: Burberry
Necklace: courtesy of OASAP
Bag: proenza schoulder 


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Layers over Layers

The good thing about Autumn and Winter is layering love this mix of colours together it has been raining cats and dogs this last few day’s hope the sun will shine soon.

What I Was Wearing:
Baker Boy cap: H&M paris collection  but similar HERE
Sweater: courtesy of OASAP
Coat: courtesy of NOWISTYLE
Burgundy pants: Mango similar HERE
Bag: New Look

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