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H&M Autumn 2013

 Oh my who else is waiting for September to come cause this H&M  autumn collection will be in stores the 5th of September I think I gonna be sleeping outside the door to get the first garments LOL no just kidding I hope I get my hands of one of them I so love this collection I don’t like black that much but this collection make me desire of wearing black more often is so chic and french what is your favorite ?

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Vila spring/summer collection 2013

Last Friday I was invited to see the Bestseller office post where they show us the spring/summer collection 2013. from different brands such as Vila,Vero moda very, object, pieces and more new brands that I didn’t even knew about it I totally got a smile on my face when I got into the office the all clollection was so colourful and so not boring at all bright colours and girly I felt so in love with the polka dot blouse and pants I really can not wait anymore to have them hanging on my closet but the best piece that I saw I must say is the light brown leather jacket I really can not wait till they are in store in April and of course I also love alot of stuff they had wish I could have taken everything with me love colourful stuff and love the new collection Danish clothes are so awesome

 It was so nice to meet other bloggers too specially Sabrina from Jardin de la mode 


with my best friend There

Here with Nishita , CyliaSabrina and  Withney

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Welcome Back Home Moschino Belt

Yeah I got my Moschino belt back I couldn’t be happier  one goal is complete and I  won’t give up till I find my zara booties  here you can see my Moschino belt collection wich one is your favorite, and for the ones who want one Moschino belt I advice to go to this website they are still 2 with a good price I would say check it out before is too late .
Have a wonderful weekend you all  

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Patrizia Pepe Showroom presentation of her spring -summer 2012 collection

 Last week  I was invited to get a little sneak peak at the Patrizia Pepe presentation of her Spring-Summer 2012 collection  that would hit the next spring summer  I completely fell in love with so many pieces and can’t believe it will take a few months  before they will be available. But they are definitely worth the wait. I specially love the accessories  the bags and heels are so elegant and gorgeous I specially felt in love with that pink bag and pink heels they make such a nice combination and the black heels with the red stones are just precious love them in combination with the bag Patrizia Pepe have just stole my heart and can’t wait to get my hands in some pieces that I have seen  by the way the most original  piece that I have seen in there collection was the jacket with hair was so unique I have never seen something like that before and love the tweet jacket they are just so sophisticated it so chic and edgy love Patrizia pepe <3  wich is your favorite piece so far  I must say that the colors are great for summer and autumn love it wish you all a awesome sunday kisses xXx

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