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Ecco Bloggers Event

For the ones who follow me on my INSTAGRAM already know that I attended a blogger event 2 weeks ago I even put a small insta video so that you see a little bit more about the event when I got the invitation I didn’t know what to expect for the event I knew Ecco has always comfortable shoes but in my mind though they are not that fashionable at all but I was wrong cause I totally felt in love with those leopard loafers you see above and they even had some preppy shoes that reminds me to my shoes I use to wear back in my day’s at school . The event was great and really interesting we had so much activities to do like the first one that I went to you could have a TOE -READING I was really impress about that I have heard about  hand reading before but toes is really unique I must say but the woman didn’t read about my future more about how you are as a person it was funny to heard some facts about it she was right about it, I ate delicious ecco cookies they were yummie love the detail about the cookies they look like the ecco boots, we had our make up done by professionals to get in the photo with the viking I must say a really handsome viking I hope my boyfriend doesn’t read this haha then I had a facial massage with  Aveda products with team from DaySpa  I definitely recommended to everyone to try it ones , they taught us how to make a leather bag that was so cool to make in the last pictures you can admire the beautiful view from Amsterdam, I really thanks the Ecco team for the unforgettable night ;D

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