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Apparently the burgundy trend won’t get out of my head , having dark day’s already when it gets dark at 16:00  o’clock already it totally depress me but always try to make the best out of the day this last few day’s I wanted to give my foots  a break after walking hours on high heels LOL, well some of you saw these boots already on my Instagram they so remind me to the ones from Saint Laurent that I want so badly but the real deal is to expensive so got this one at the zara and they are just as similar as the real deal keeping it simple and wearing dark colors with my burgundy ombre lips that I  got a lot of comments on how to recreate them ,I need to do a video soon when I get the time but  Christmas is almost here  so that means more free time ;D

PS: tomorrow I  will be announcing the winners of the Romwe Giveaway <3 stay tuned

What I Was Wearing:

                                                                                                        Beanie: RIVER ISLAND
                                                                                                        Sweater: courtesy of ZLZ
                                                                                                        Coat: Isabel Marant pour H&M
                                                                                                        Skirt: River island
                                                                                                        Boots: Zara this Season
                                                                                                        Bag: PROENZA SHOULDER

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