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NOISY MAY  is a young fresh label from the clothing line of VERO MODA  tha has been just release this last summer and they gonna be introducing this clothing  line in the Netherlands as well , I was contacted by them if I wanted to customize a NOISY MAY JEANS it sounded like a great idea as I always wanted to do some DIY for the blog but always don’t get the time to do it I had to finish by today so I finished today only if I had some free time to shoot I would have show you me wearing  them , this NOISY MAY jeans contest is between bloggers and I had to be creative and stay true my own style  the winning jeans will be produced  by NOISY MAY and would be in stores end this year as you can see I’m so into tartan so though to customize the jeans with some tartan details spikes and heart shape on the pocket of the jeans at first only wanted to do something simple but added some tartan at the end of the jeans check out further down and let me know what you think of would you buy this jeans ? if they were well done by machines for a better result ;P

I first draw the shape of a heart

Draw it at the pocket back of the jeans and then cut it

As you can see my sewing isn’t that great as I said before wish I had more time to do it better

Then I add some spikes that they are easy to put on and take off  they are really handy  for my opinion

Love the end result with the tartan and heart shape

Then I add a bow on the other pocket back

I measure the Fabric to put it on the end of the jeans

And this is the end result soon will be blogging about this jeans ,let me know what do you think about it

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