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What’s in my bag

If you were always wondering what do I  carry with me all day long in my bag, a bag is more then a bag I mean without a bag I can’t survive I carry my baby everywhere and one special thing in my bag must be my diary and my concealer what do you carry the most in your bag always curious to know about yours ??

  1. Alexa mulberry bag
  2. olily wallet but just change it for a cooler one if you follow me on Instagram already you know wallets are always essential in a bag
  3. Small handsoap always handy if you don’t have soap and water around
  4.   Mac lipstick
  5. Celine Audrey sunglasses since I got them I don’t wanna leave them home ;P
  6. The blond AMsterdam Diary
  7. Dior blush
  8. lipstick always good to carry one
  9. Iphone charger I use my iphone alot 
  11. Mac concealer
  12. Mirror and brush in one always handy 
  13. Nothing better to have your own pen 
  14.     Hair goodies.     

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