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My Favorite beauty products

It was about time to talk about my favorite beauty products since I discover Yves saint Laurent I don’t wanna change this label for anything else I use to use the concealer from Mac I use to love that concealer and I have always use it but the  best concealer till now and that i highly recommend must be the touche eclat from Yves saint laurent you can even use it as a high lighter.
the baby doll mascara I love how this mascara give you so much effect in the lashes then any other the price is a little bit pricey then a normal mascara but the effect is awesome.
The foundation smells so nice I love it specially for me is hard to find a good foundation for the tone of my skin they always sell white and dark brown foundation and even use to buy both to mix them and get my skin tone that I wanted but this one from Yves saint laurent have my own skin colour and the cool of it is that It adapt to my own  skin colour.
Soon I gonna be doing some beauty tutorials ;D Stay tune Happy Sunday

Beauty Products:
Touche Eclat: Yves Saint Laurent
Baby doll Mascara: Yves Saint Laurent
Foundation: Yves Saint Laurent

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