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Preppy bow

I have been away for so long missing my blog but here I’m back with a new look I call it the preppy bow and yes you see me no wearing heels as I had to walk alot that day  I decided not to wear them and did this match of colours together that I adore the bow goes so well with the blazer and shoes this preppy blouses are a must when you don’t wanna look overdress but sophisticated  and comfy at the same time ;D

Bow blouse: courtesy of WHOLE SALE 7
Blazer: zara
Skorts: zara
Shoes: zara
Earrings: courtesy of SACHA 
Sunglasses: courtesy of SACHA 

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Today’s look is simple but wearing stripes makes it a little bit fun since I bought my Curl tang I don’t stop curling my hair and I love it who else is curling they hair what do you like more straight or curl hair or a mix of it ?

What I was Wearing:
Stripe top: courtesy of NOWISTYLE
Blue sweater: courtesy of NOWISTYLE
Sandals: zara
Sunnies:  CELINE

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High waisted

 I know here comes an other never say never story I use to laugh so much when I use to see my mum wearing high waisted jeans and I use to say I’ll never wear that mum not in a million years is so funny how trends comes and goes away and they come back again. I think I bought this high waisted jeans like 3 a 4 years ago at H&M just to make a smaller waist  cause after using normal pants that you wear in your hips the waist kind of disappear if you were them for to long that was the reason I bought them some of you have the same problem?

What I Wearing:
Crop top: courtesy of AXPARIS
Blazer: Mango last year but similar HERE
HIgh waisted jeans: H&M Old but similar HERE
Rockstuds heels: VALENTINO
Bag: summun woman

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Spring Flower skirt

This is an other garment I won from CREAM PR I so love the flower print skirt this look is so spring and so preppy I kind of missing my ombre hair now I think will be doing it soon I so did enjoy the nice weather this week but now we are back to the cold and windy weather again ;(

                                                                     What I was Wearing:
                                                                  Blouse: zara
                                                                  Blazer: zara
                                                                  Skirt: mink pink
                                                                  Bag: courtesy of ARAFEEL
                                                                  Heels: Yves Saint Laurent   

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Butterfly Dress

Yesterday night one of my friends got married and I wore this butterfly dress for the occasion the dress is so chic and just perfect for the occasion days are getting better love to enjoy sunny days ;D Have a lovely weekend you all xXx

What I Was wearing:
Dress: courtesy of  UDOBUY
Bag: courtesy of ARAFEEL
Blazer: courtesy of OASAP
Heels: zara
Bangles: thanks to my lovely aunt 

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