Inspirations and DIY: Distressed and ripped jeans tutorial

I have been spotting this new trend around blogggers and models and as it has been ages ago I haven’t make an inspirational post it was about time to do one and this one is about the ripped jeans finding out how to DIY you can just easily distressed some old jeans that you don’t like any more in my case unfortunately I love all my jeans but will have to search for a old pair to DIY here are some inspired pictures that inspired me I just purchase the best pair boyfriend jeans at  zara  a light denim version   enjoy and hope you like the easy tutorial you will be surprise how to do it and do you like this new trend or not would love to hear your thoughts ;D.
Happy Sunday!
Pictures: through pinterest

Just grab a cheese grater, sandpaper and an unpicker and distress away!


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