Neon pink sweater

Neon pink ahhhhhh How I love it I style this girly outfit with my Polka dots tights  I’m so into neon colours as pastel colour right now and specially pink is so girly  weather is getting nice over here that I don’t feel cold any more so good I hope it stays like this  have a wonderful weekend you all.
Ps: Thanks so much for your nice comments I so apreciated them 

What I was wearing:
Hat: H&M
sweater/skirt: zara
wedges: zara
tights: pieces
belt: moschino vintage


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18 thoughts on “Neon pink sweater

  1. Yay its working now!! I am in love with this my dear!! That gorgeous and vibrant pink sweater looks so stunning the way you have styled it! Love love love πŸ™‚

    Take care,Daniella xox

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