Sailor moon

Sailor moon is one of those cartoons I use to watch when I was a child so I came up with the idea to put it as the title for this post I’m wearing a sweater from petite bateau I have almost live in that sweater for a few days haha and not to tell you about my addiction with white trousers that you see so often in my blog like they were the only trousers I own in my closet but like I always say if you like something and it fits you why not wearing it as often as you can I always get question of people how to wear white trousers without looking too fat  and I always say wear heels it makes you look taller and it give you that attitude to walk straight and feminine even though white is a tricky colour to wear  Gotta run, but more looks to come!
                              Happy Wednesday !

What I Was Wearing:
Cap: H&M
Sweater:petite bateau via Sojeans
Bag: chanel vintage


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