Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Amsterdam

What a night last Thursday was the first Vogue fashion night out in Amsterdam and it couldn’t be better it was stunning I got to meet the best Dutch designers I always have been a big fan of Viktor & Rolf they are amazing and really friendly after waiting for almost 2 hours to get into the place cause was a really long queue outside but when we finally got in we drank champagne got to meet up with Lieke van Lexmond a famous dutch actress and then we went to the Bijenkorf a dutch warehouse where they were more shows was a live performance from Moke I saw the designs from  Iris van Herpen I was amaze by her designs cause they are really alot of work to do it unique in her creation and that I know even Lady gaga wear them and then I got to wear some design from Bibi van der velden is so nice to feel how they are real life and I always wanted to wear that golden breasts as seen by Yfke sturm a famous dutch model and last but not least I met one of my favourite designer ever Jan Taminiau people wear aloud to wear his creations the 20cm heels that Lady Gaga and Beyonce wear and if you were wondering how much those shoes cost like around €7000 till €8000 euros wow only celebrity can afford it but what I love the most from his designs are the dresses are beautiful well this was my night was beautiful and I’m so happy that I finally have internet at home and can be reading your lovely blogs have a wonderful weekend you all and hope you enjoy the pictures .

With designer Jan Taminiau

Creations from BIBI VAN DER VELDEN



Necklace/heels: zara
Red dress: mango
Bag: vintage from MANJEWELL


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8 thoughts on “Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Amsterdam

  1. Omg!! I can’t believe you met all these amazinf designers especially Viktor and Rolf and Jan Taminiau!!!! They are amazing, all of them are!! I had no idea they were dutch tho! 😀
    You’re very lucky! How did you get in? I always want to get into these types of events


  2. Wow sweetie these pictures are amazing!!! You must of had such a great time, definitely a night to remember! Omg look at those shoesss!!! So cool and I am so happy to hear to you have got the internet back, YAY!!!! 🙂

    Take care,

    Daniella xox

  3. This looks like so much fun! I can’t believe you got to meet so many designers! And that they let you try on their creations. That is very cool. Those shoes are outrageous! So unique and fun. Looks like you had a great time! <3


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