A la Parisian

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I don’t even know how many times I have used that title a la Parisian, I call it that way because somehow it reminds me to Brigitte Bardot  I never liked to be bored in my outfits I really like to use and experiment with colours or mix weird combos to be the most original as possible.

Somehow this outfit looks very artistic, the weather is not helping either one day cold the other warm haha I can’t wait to go to a warmer country hopefully soon, for now, I’m heading to Paris to enjoy this beautiful city I’m going finally not for work  just for myself, I can’t wait to wear all my Parisian looks there.

Have a lovely Weekend you all,


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What I Was wearing:

Hat: EcuaAndino

Coat: Dresslink similar HERE

Blouse: Nümph

Dungarees: Nümph

Scarf: ArttiqueLondon

Shoes: Clave

Bag: Newlook similar HERE







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