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I’m sorry for my absence here around my blog , but I travel last Tuesday to Ecuador and I’m still in a jet-lag , and my problem was that I couldn’t find a charger/adapter for my laptop and my phone was even running out of battery  as in Europe we use 260wt and here 150wt so is a big different, after finding one adapter at the store  when I got home  I try it out and it was defect I was so pis off but now I got a new one and now I can be blogging again,;D life is good over here you can’t  imagine how it feels coming back to your country after 11 years living in Europe I feel like a totally foreigner here and people ask me where I’m from because I loose my Ecuadorian accent ;$ is such a weird experience.

I have been eating Ecuadorian exotics fruits  like crazy because they taste is so good and no where in Europe you can taste them the same way as over here in Ecuador <3

This look was shoot in Amsterdam I still have a lot of looks to shared from there so where I’m at the moment is really sunny so  expect summer looks on the blog very soon <3







c8What I Was Wearing:

Hat: River island

Sweater: Noisy May

Skirt: Noisy May

Bag: Mulberry

Boots: New look old

Watch: Daniel Wellington


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15 thoughts on “Ages Ago

    1. Thanks so much doll indeed a mulberry bag is a classic ;D
      yes I always say that the fruits in Ecuador taste much better and they are ;D thanks so much dear I’m enjoying my time here at it fullest with great weather ;D

  1. I love this look! Especially those statement boots <3

    I miss you already darling! Enjoy your time to the fullest overthere!! And make a lot of amazing pics for us 😀

    X Lily

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