All about comfort

img_7459-2However, and I can guarantee that wearing jeans and a comfy pair of shoes sounds to me like the biggest luxury and comfort possible. Although my outfits this season have been all more casual and effortless than usual, so far at least, this season, I simply want to find pieces that make me feel great, look fantastic, and are great on the go partners.

It’s all about finding that pair that’s going to make you feel cozy and comfy. One you got it, you won’t able to take it off. Whether it’s Autumn of winter, I always have my favorite go to pieces when it comes to shoes and that’s why I am excited to share with you today this look, I have been looking for the perfect Winter/ Autumn water proof boots their amazing fluffy, I got two new shoes from their new collection and experience this incredible comfort I will be sharing the other boots  on an other look soon on the blog.

My feet were SO happy to be inside these soft, heaven sent marshmallow booties. Enjoy the images sweeties! Hope you like them.



img_7546 img_7472 img_7475 img_7492 img_7500 img_7635 img_7656 img_7605 img_7569

What I Was Wearing:

Beanie: BKLYN

Parka: Choies

Turtle neck sweater: Zara similar HERE

Jeans: NoisyMay

Necklace: JetsetCandy

Boots: EMU

Bag: PS11 Proenza Schouler

Watch: ChristianPaul

Bracelet: Balenciaga



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