Hello dolls and here I’m wearing my Cape Poncho that I had told you before on facebook I so love it seriously is such a nice poncho so warm love the gipsy look that I have given it to this outfit LOL who would ever guess that I would ever be wearing a poncho lol I really use t hated it before and as you know in south America they use it but after seen this one from H&M it just stole my heart <3
photography by Maria luisa rodrigues

                                                                       What I was wearing:
                                                                         Poncho/Cape; H&M
                                                                         t-shirt: Guru
                                                                         leather shorts: H&M
                                                                         booties : New Look
                                                                         Bow bag: H&M


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53 thoughts on “BACK TO MY ROOTS

  1. I adore this look, I’m not a big fan of cape but I swear you look amazing in this one, I’ll even say you look like Pocahontas haha 🙂 Anyway I really love it dear it’s very ethnic and it’s good not to forget his roots, after all it’s what defines us:)
    Btw the boots are even better worn 🙂

  2. Damn this has to be one of my favorite look of you! You are breath-taking, I’m in love with your cape, I love how you’ve styled it! You are beyond perfection darling! ♥

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