Blue sky

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How did I miss grey skies in Europe, England weather is just like Holland ;D In Ecuador is sunny almost all year long with Tropical temperatures  and is nothing better than to just bright up your day wearing a colourful lace exemplar like this one this dress goes so well for every perfect occasion where almost everyone wears black I’m not saying nothing wrong about black but is a classic cliche don’t you think ?

This eye catching dress you can easily combined with nude and white sandals and clutch will look very summery that way.

However, I find  wedding outfit-question for the guests all more difficult. There is no other opportunity, there are so many unwritten dress code rules or am I wrong ?!
That the color white is reserved for the bride, of course, is clear. But other colors are more or less taboo, as I’ve heard more than Wedding newcomer for the outfit of guests.
From eye-catching colors like pink, red, royal blue and Co. I shall therefore keep your hands and, strictly speaking,  an eye catching colour is good but of course you know that the bride is the center of attention.
A dress with a too large cut, or at the same time too short, what I think is rather inappropriate.
Despite everything, the perfect wedding guest dress should of course be elegant and chic – finally no wedding couple wants to be reminded afterwards by his wedding photos to the poorly dressed guests …
I think this design is perfect for the summer in South America or in Europe .
Happy Monday!
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