I love doing milkbraid hair on my hair but since I cut it the braid hair pops out and I hate that but it is nothing else than wait till it grows up again.

What I was Wearing:
Dress: courtesy of Kristines Collection 
Blazer: zara
Heels: zara
Earrings: newlook 


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16 thoughts on “Canals

  1. This is SO cute! I love the dress and the blazer, and your hair is adorable 🙂 I think it looks good even if some hair pops out, it gives it a cool messy look 🙂

  2. The milkmaid braids do look so cute on you! And yes, I love layers, but I hate them for updos because the ends always pop out! haha. Love your dress and the yellow blazer really pops! <3


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