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Amsterdam Fashion week day 1

Photos by Carmen Leenen
I haven’t blog for 3 days wow but I’m back I have been so busy I stayed in a hotel this last weekend  plus work and study at the same time that I haven’t got the time to update my blog I’m all behind with my outfits and even fashion week I will be blogging about that soon you can follow me on my INSTAGRAM to see my daily updates.
This look is one of my special looks that I wore for Amsterdam fashion week cause it was my first event even though I have update my last and second look already on the blog forgot to update this my love for burgundy continues and I wore this gorgeous burgundy blazer from Sandro that I bought in Belgium is a simple and sophisticated look and I know some of you might think why would she be wearing sandals in winter haha well as I though it is gonna be fashion week and non of my shoes went well with this outfit then this heels but I must say I wasn’t freezing as I got a Taxi driver that took me there to the fashion week so is easily that way but later that day started raining then I was feeling cold haha.

Blouse: Mango
Blazer: Sandro (Similar HERE)
Trousers: Mango
Bag: Proenza Schoulder
Heels: zara (Similar HERE and Here)

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Under the drizzle

 This pictures were shoot in 10 minutes lol cause it was drizzling I wore these look for  Amsterdam Fashion week I though I gonna be keeping it simple but I add the brogues and the bag to pimp the look love this combo of white and black together  even I’m wearing my turtle neck dress that I bough last September from he H&M paris collection and still didn’t had the chance to make pictures for the blog  glad I did now ;D 
Happy Sunday 
Photos by Iris (

What I wasWearing:
Hat: zara similar HERE
Dress: H&M Paris collection but similar HERE
Leggings: H&M but similar HERE

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Sepehr Maghsoudi – My Dark Passenger / Amsterdam Fashion Week

January is that time of the year for fashion weeks I have been dreaming about Amsterdam fashion week for ages as some of you know I use to be a model before I even start my blog but one thing is been on the run way and other thing is sitting there as a guest you see the collection and the show in a different way, and Sepher Maghsoudi was one of my first invitations some of you already have seen a few picts coming by on my Instagram ;D his collection is Haute couture “My Dark Passenger”was an unique show his designs are out of this world when I first saw the lookbook I though it is so simple and black but actually seen the collection in real you can have a better perspective of how much work he have put in his collection is all about the details, I love to analyze  every single details on the  designs he says he got inspired by his own fear  when he was a child they were dogs hunting him trying to get him that fear interpret in his collection I love the cool details on the pants they are so unique , I’m always glad to see my fellow fashion bloggers such as Farah and Larissa we had fun together and they were with me this entire weekend I have been going to show after show so excuse for the lack of post this week but stay tuned for more to come about the Amsterdam Fashion week and enjoy the collection Thanks for reading.

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