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Autumn vibes

I’m so happy that this week is gonna be such a good weather I just came back from the hairdresser today I’m having my friends wedding and couldn’t be any excited , I got to get dress so Happy Weekend Everyone.

What I was  Wearing:
Jumpsuit: courtesy of STYLISH PLUS
Boots: ecugo
Golden belt: markt
Blazer: Mango
Sunglasses: CELINE

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High waisted

 I know here comes an other never say never story I use to laugh so much when I use to see my mum wearing high waisted jeans and I use to say I’ll never wear that mum not in a million years is so funny how trends comes and goes away and they come back again. I think I bought this high waisted jeans like 3 a 4 years ago at H&M just to make a smaller waist  cause after using normal pants that you wear in your hips the waist kind of disappear if you were them for to long that was the reason I bought them some of you have the same problem?

What I Wearing:
Crop top: courtesy of AXPARIS
Blazer: Mango last year but similar HERE
HIgh waisted jeans: H&M Old but similar HERE
Rockstuds heels: VALENTINO
Bag: summun woman

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Balmain inspire dress

Yes here is one of my Balmain inspirations wish I could afford one Balmain piece the real thing is so pricey but I love buying designer vintage clothes hope one day to be lucky enough and to find some cool Balmain pieces, so glad romwe always come with the perfect inspired designer clothing for less in love with the dress and it is not only beautiful with the baroque print but it also kept me warm from the cold weather ;D by the way excuse my knee I felt down and as a fashionista I could not wear dark black tights with this dress LOL have a great weekend you all

What I was Wearing:
Hat/clutch: zara
Blazer: Mango
Baroque dress: courtesy of ROMWE
vintage belt: Moschino
sunglasses: Céline  

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The yellow skirt

I’m so glad this winter have been warm over here so glad is not that cold but I really hope February stays like this ;D I wore one of my favorite sweater ever I love wearing it I don’t know but this sweater has something that I love I keep it simple but always with a splash of colours

What I was Wearing:
Hat: zara
Sunglasses: Céline
Sweater: courtesy of Romwe
Skirt: courtesy of ROMWE
Blazer: Mango
Tights: Hema
Heels: H&M
Bag: Dior vintage  

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