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Preppyfashionist for Dahlia wolf

 This my first garment I have ever design , I got the opportunity to do it for Dahlia Wolf is a website where you can upload the garments you would love to have the pictures with the must rate on the top they get pick  and they mix it up with the other garments you have chosen and they make it in production and then you can purchase so I upload mine must garments and this is the dress that came from that I must said I love it is a mix of most of the things I love this dress is a mix of a proenza schoulder dress a cute backless  dress and oriental mix  I love backless dresses you don’t see that much hanging on stores and this dress is so unique what do you think of mine design?

What I Was Wearing:

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Boys Boys Boys

More comic prints I love this  tee from H&M I paired with this leopard pants from zara it looks so nice comfy and girly at the same time I’m still looking for those sunglasses think I lost them I hope I can find them soon ;(.
PS:2 days left for my birthday ;D

What I was wearing:

Sunglasses: six
Comic print tee: H&M
Leopard pants: zara
Blue sandals: Steve Madden

Bag: Mulberry

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