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Blue touch

I need it to scape from the burgundy fever I have all this week if you haven’t notice yet I have been wearing every single day burgundy LOL even my friends are saying it you can’t leave the house wearing something burgundy on you I know I may bored you just by talking about burgundy all week long lol I try my best not to talk about it anymore that’s why I need it some blue in my life like this gorgeous rucksack that I adore is really eye catching and love the combination with the cardigan the color mix are stunning I love wearing this kind of patterns and colors like I always said wearing colors can make your day then wearing a total black outfit

What I was Wearing:
Hat: H&M
Turtle neck sweater: C&A
Cardigan: courtesy of ClothingLove 
Necklace: courtesy of ZIBA COLLECTION 
Jeggins: Pieces
Bracelet: courtesy of ZIBA COLLECTION 
Gloves: H&M
Boots: Box 
Rucksack: courtesy of GRAFEA 
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Floral sweater

This is what I wore last week when I visited the Bestseller  office but more about that later on my next post, I’m wearing my new booties from the bull box they are so similar to the Isabel marants one and I really wanted to buy the real ones had the money to buy them but when I went to the store they didn’t had it in this colour and they only had it in gray so I did not buy it and found this babys for only 35 eu what a bargain and they use to be 80 eur love sale hahah.
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What I was Wearing:
Hat: H&M
Floral sweater: courtesy of ROMWE 
leggings jeans: Pieces last year
Audrey sunglasses: Celine
Boots: Bull boxer
Bag: courtesy of  NowIstyle  
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