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My Chloe Susanna Dream boots

I must confess that I have been digging this boots for ages but I always think they are too pricey and always looking for something similar and got a pair one from choies instead months ago but still wasn’t the same thing it didn’t feel the same while I try the real  ones in stores so I though I will be treating my self for this one occasion before Christmas as you know the best presents are the ones you give to your self ,I was so happy I though I gonna wait till January and hopefully get some discount but the day I went to the store they were only 3 pairs left of this beautiful boots and you all know how much I wanted to have the pink nude ones I went there I ask the lady to bring my size and what this lady said if you had been 2 hours before you could have buy the pink ones ;( I was so sad and angry 2 hours before gosh and I was even thinking of getting them in January but like I always say if they are not there it is because is not meant to be  and of course better for my wallet so they had only one pair left in my size so I seriously I was thinking should I get them or not cause my favorite ones were the pink ones but I though I will get this babies ones in a life time and I choose also the color that you know I love the most every winter  droll down to find out which colour I got and what do you think about it I must admit that almost all my shoes in my closet are black and a few in other colour so I think this one will bring life to my looks ;D and did you treat yourself this Christmas as well if you did what did you got??

U can find them HERE

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Vintage Treasure Chloe studded “Susana” ankle boots

Yeah this is one pair of vintage treasures after wanting them since 2008 I finally found them online for a good price they are the perfect copy cat and since they are available  now  for pre – order at Saks and the price is extremely priceless I couldn’t get happier  to have my booties in my closet love them of course love the red ones as well  but this one can go with anything what do you girls think about this booties after loosing my zara favourite ankle boots and my moschino belt this boots makes me happy and I’m still not giving up till I find my zara booties and belt .

The original ones from Chloe  susana ankle boots 2008

Mine own booties the perfect copy cat 

Siena Miller wearing them and Kate Bosworth

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