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Some girls get upset when they see wearing someone else wearing  the same clothes , but me I get happy or think she got same taste as me and this what happen with this beautiful girl Olga CHoi aka MY BLONDE GAL and (my lost  fashion sister that I never had) LOL really wish I had a sister that I could have been sharing my closet with, it is really funny how Olga and I wore the same garments in 2 different ways and even sometimes we post or look at the same time on lookbook there was where we found each other and we notice that she had the same garments as I do and it is not even that we planned that way but it is pure coincidence , I think Olga have such an amazing fun style and would wear it the same way like Olga saids in here blog  we even look like real fashion sisters LOL  what do you think ?Olga keep on surprising me when she choose her garments what is your favorite look of both of uss?

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