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The red snake skirt

The red snake skirt I don’t know but I have been obsessed  lately with snake prints and this skirt was in my closet for a while still with the label on it I was on my to a birthday party so I was in a rush lucky for me it was still a little sunny to be able to capture some picts I really need some hair tutorials I gonna be looking for some inspirational hair tutorials LOL

What I was wearing:
Red sunglasses: accesories

Black ruffled top: courtesy of ARAFEEL 

Golden black belt/clutch: Zara
Red snake skirt: New Yorker
Golden Necklace; H&M

Red sandals: GUess

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Black and white red heart

 Look of the day black white and red just a simpel look with a red touch hope u like it , I gonna be shooting today is gonna be nice weather enjoy your weekend you all big kisses xXx

Un look muy simple negro blanco y rojo espero que le gusten me gusta l toque rojo que le di al outfit, hoy va ah ver buen tiempo así que me voy para tomar fotos que disfruten el fin de semana besos a todos. XxX
What I was wearing:
bag: mango
heels: guess
top/shorts/bracelet/ necklace: H&m
watch: DKN

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Moschino Chic and cheap

And this is my first new look with my new Hair style well it looks the same long but if u have been seen me in my previous post I had brown long hair and now is a bit lighter in the punts  but in model I want to hear your thoughts hope you like this look big kisses had a great tuesday you all.

I think this the first black swan I see in my life nice
What I was wearing:
Hat: new look
Red blazer:Zara
Blouse:new look
shorts: only
necklace/bracelet: H&M
Heels: Guess
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When the sun is shining

Hi Guys  I love to use High heels and combinated red and blue plus white I love it I hope u love my outfit as I do it was fun to do this shoot I hope I’m not overloading you with picts I took more than 100 with my Good and sweetes friend Melissa  thanks so much for this beautiful pictures Melissa you did a wonderful job My Dear Love ya have a wonderful day girls kisses u all<3
Hola a todos, me encanta usar tacos altos y combinar rojo azul y blanco me encanta espero que les guste mi outfit como a mi m gusta fue divertido tomar estas fotos espero que no los haya recargado de tantas fotos pero tomamos más de 100 y era dificíl elejir cual escojer con mi buena amiga Melissa es relinda Besos a todos <3
What I was wearing?
Blue/white flower striped top: Jane and norman
white skirt: cool cat
red sandals: Guess
Red Blazer: Zara
Golden Bracelet: New Look
White Hat: stoled from My Mums
Red heart bag:Mango

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