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One of the boys

 The title saids it already one of the boys  normally I rarely dress boyish but this was one of those day’s were I feel like playing dress up and try different kind of styles as some of you follow me on my INSTAGRAM a few month back I told that I wanted to buy the Isabel marant boots with hidden  heels well as I couldn’t buy them few weeks backs I found this one at a zara store of course more cheaper then the marant ones but they look almost the same plus u can feel tall and comfortable at the same time isn’t that great and this amazing pictures were taken by my lovely friend Erwin I love the result and loving the black and white ones Have a lovely day you all.

What I was Wearing:
Hat: zara but similar HERE
Tshirt: courtesy of ROMWE
Shorts: zara but similar HERE
Boots: zara
Vest: zara
Bag: supertrash 

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