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The printed coat

I love wearing this coat love the print so much the colours are so great together warm and cozy I can believe that I walk so much that day with my new boots and without getting tired love platform heels the only problem is the holes on the streets was so afraid to damage my heels so had to walk carefully who else is having problems with the street I really wish the change the streets and the put ones without holes on it it would be so much easier for a woman to walk in heels.

What I was Wearing:
Hat/pants: H&M
Green sweater: zara
coat: Maje
necklace: gifted by my friend
boots: Burberry prorsum
bag: Alexa Mulberry 
ring: courtesy of  Merrin&Gussy
earrings: courtesy of Merrin&Gussy


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Maje Jacket

I put this pict on my Instagram hours ago I could not even believe my eyes when I went to the Maje shop and found that the jacket of my dreams was on discount ;o Is always great to invest in great unique pieces like this jacket and what I love the most is that the jacket is not boring at all as  I’m a colour person and wearing colour always makes me happy ;D so this babe will totally stand out of the crowd the only problem is I’m broke now I won’t be able to shop for along long time LOL

Coat: Maje

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