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Alexa Chung IT

Since I discover that miss Alexa Chung wrote a book I immediately though of getting one LOL and since I have been starting reading I couldn’t stop LOL love Lazy Sundays like this  the book is fun so I highly recommended to all the fashion girls out there. I have my new purchase that I did last Saturday how to create the perfect ombre burgundy lips with the best label ever Mac and my favorite adorable beanie from River island even when it is cold you have to look fashionable don’t you think? ;D Happy Sunday Sweetie <3
Lipstick: MAC
Lip Pencil: MAC 

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H&M Autumn 2013

 Oh my who else is waiting for September to come cause this H&M  autumn collection will be in stores the 5th of September I think I gonna be sleeping outside the door to get the first garments LOL no just kidding I hope I get my hands of one of them I so love this collection I don’t like black that much but this collection make me desire of wearing black more often is so chic and french what is your favorite ?

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Spring come this way

As I was getting to exited  that spring has finally arrive and day dreaming that I could be bare leg any time but nothing was more then a dream when the snow fall down and the temperatures drops down so the only thing to keep my dream a live was doing some window shopping online and I found out this gorgeous blouse with this adorable heart on the back I love it so preppy chic ,and you can’t miss out the flower dresses are a must in spring which is your favourite garment

Blouse and dresses: INLOVEWITHFASHION

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Boots crush Thakoon

Since I have been researching for unique boots and someone told me about these one and when I so them I felt in love they are amazing the only problem where to find them I know they are from the label THAKOON  gosh even though I already own a pair of blue boots but I never get enough  this one are beautiful I think is time I need to be counting how many pair of shoes I own and start selling the ones I don’t wear what about you how many pair of shoes do you own?.

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Spring look what I would wear


Hello Gals today I have a spring collage on what I could wear in spring and how to combinated this pink neon Pants that I adore them so much and can’t wait to wear them  and those Steven Madden purple heels are so gorgeous I think I could be walking all day long with those sandals love purple and pink think they make a great combination together  what do you like the most of this spring collage 

1.-DKNY Colour block leather jacket:  Here
2.-Flower heart tee: Here 
3.-J Brand neon pink pants: Here 
4.-Steve madden purple heels Here 
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