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Pow me Wow me

I took this pictures a long time ago I still don’t get tired of wearing my comic sweater over and over again I mixed up with my orange skirt it goes so well with the sweater I make this look kind of boyish  girly like, this last weekend I visited the ice bar in Amsterdam it was so funny drinking out of a ice glass was so cool a nice experience that would definitely advice everyone to try it if you ever get to visit Amsterdam kisses to all of you have a wonderful start of the week.

What I was Wearing:
Hat: H&M
Comic sweater: primark
skirt: zara
shoes: zara
Alexa bag: mulberry

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Grazia PC Catwalk

This was my second year visiting the Grazia PC Catwalk This year I didn’t also got inspire by the models but also by real people they are so inspired I shoot some picture but could not shoot everything here the ones I like the most I love those male models love the British style with that cap and  an inspire cross outfit that girl is rocking that look and of course a really nice yellow outfit I just wonder where did this girl bought her lipstick ?? and I choose for a black outfit for that day but with a POW comic sweater I don’t know but I’m so obsessed with comic sweaters right now that I want them all and once again I’m wore my black vest LOL I hope you don’t get bored with it but it looks just so cool with everything Tomorrow I’m going to the grand opening of Vila’s news store in Haarlem this week is really a busy week I got to go on Thursday to the Vogue fashion night out and I’m working with a new project that soon I’ll tell you more about it.
I also I’m featuring in Grazias facebook page you can check it out HERE like if you can
Pictures Credit to my Dear friend There

What I was Wearing;

Hat: H&M
Vest: zara
Sweater: Primark
Leather skirt: Lola& Eva Paris
Heels: H&M

Bag: courtesy of ARAFEEL

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