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May Wishlist

As I told you before that I needed some flower print clothes on my wardrobe and I just found the right ones the dress that adore with those flower prints I love the colour specially and the yellow dress that I got from Axparis that I can’t wait to wear it soon, the zara skirt is wonderful in love with the print and colours  and of course the Mango skirt in love with the print is so elegant wich one is your favourite .

  1. Bohemia Floral Sleeveless Chiffon Asymmetrical Dress Blue Sheinside  yo can have 20 procent off by entering code virgit20

    1. Cap Sleeve Peplum Dress yellow dress: Axparis

      1. Flower print peplum skirt:Zara

        1. Tropical mini skirt:Mango


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