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Noisy May Jeans

Remember the Jeans that I design this is my piece of art unfortunately I didn’t win but I’m still happy that I design my jeans for the first time thanks to Noisy May for this cool project I love tartan as you can see the obsession continues and I’m glad to finally found a label  jeans that fit perfectly as you know it is hard to find jeans that fit me  specially me  I always have problems with the fit of my legs and this jeans are the perfect shape,  this is what I wore for the Noisy May Fashion show soon pictures of the show.

What I Was Wearing:
Sweater: courtesy of NOWISTYLE
Coat: courtesy of NOWISTYLE
Necklace: zara
Jeans: NOISY MAY DIY by me
Rockstuds Heels: VALENTINO

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