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Photos by Iris Dijker (  
 Windy day’s around here I still remember when Iris and I shoot this look we were freezing to death haha lucky you don’t see that in the pictures, I love this white,red and black together this jumper is so cute love the red details on it ;D and Amsterdam Fashion week is coming and I still don’t know what to wear stress !

What I Was Wearing:
Jumper: courtesy of AWWDORE
Skirt: New Yorker
Boots: courtesy of MARUTI
Coat: Zara
Bag: Alexander MacQueen 
Red Blouse: Vintage

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Birdy details

This look is all about the details specially this tights I really forgot to put them at least ones on the blog I have wore them before as you can see  and now that I have this bird sweater goes perfectly with this tights I bought them at Claires last year and they don’t have them any more really a shame Love tights and specially with patterns on it makes every outfit more fun don’t you think ?

 What I was Wearing:
Beanie: zara men
Red blouse: vintage
Coat: zara
Tights: Claires
Sunglasses: Celine
Boots: river island
Sweater: courtesy of CHICWISH 

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