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I still remember when I was 15 I didn’t use to follow trends that much as I do now and always use to create my own looks but nowadays get inspired by the catwalk sometimes you see something on the catwalk that you desired to have but you can not afford it well this is one of those cases the first time I saw the chloe jacket on the catwalk felt in love and wanted to recreate this look of course in a affordable price so when I so this H&M jacket that look came up on my mind and love the final result what do you think  about it do you recreate sometimes something from the catwalk too?? ;D.

What I was wearing:
Glitter blouse: courtesy of ROMWE
Orange sweater: Zara
Jacket: H&M trends
Jeggings: Nanania
Wegdes: zara
Bag: Mulberry Alexa bag
Sunglasses:  courtesy of Vivilli
Earrings: H&M 
Watch:   Michael Kors

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White creamy sensation

The title of this post reminds me to the white sensation concert that the have once a year in Amsterdam and where I always want to go but every time I wanna  go tickets are sold out is the best concert ever so hopefully next year I ‘ll be going and in that concert you have to wear all white other wise they wont let you in, so in these sunny days I decided to make my white creamy outfit for a special occasion the golden collar blouse that I adore is so chic that I decided to matched with my sequin bag love details in outfits specially the blouse and the skirt that has pearls in it is so cute and sweet hope you enjoy the pictures kisses.

What I was wearing:
Creamy sunglasses: courtesy of VIVILLI
Golden collar blouse: courtesy of ROMWE
Creamy white skirt: courtesy of ROMWE
Wedges and bag: zara

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