December Favourites: Over the knee boots and more

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I will be doing vlogs more often , I’m showing you my December favourites and some old things that are my favourites hope you like my video and if you have any ideas of what you would love to see don’t forget to drop me a comment ;D.




My December Favourites you might had seen them already on my blog and the others not yet but you will see them soon.

Black Over the knee boots Little Mistress SOLD OUT but similar HERE

Blue Electric over the knee boots :Modainpelle

Brown Boots :Monsoon,mon_23.2/8440890539

Black Boots: Monsoon

Alysia heels:

Bag: Bagenvy Sold out similar HERE:

Pineapple Clutch: Juicy Couture

Wooden Bag: Agnes Ignacz!product/prd1/4279839445/pangolin—sold—order-yours

Herra Parfum

Wooden Watch: Jord watches


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3 thoughts on “December Favourites: Over the knee boots and more

  1. please allow me to offer you some constructive criticism. i’ve just watched the above video and frankly i feel a little bit offended, because completely ignored. it’s as if you were talking to someone immediately to my left, and never looked at me even once. we as viewers need to be able to pretend that you are looking at us, so you should look into the lens. it would establish an imaginary connection, but real in terms of what goes on emotionally. i haven’t seen your other videos yet (except one) so perhaps you’ve by now realized all this already. if not, i hope to have been helpful.

    1. Thanks so much Lex I know I always look were the lens is but I just started making videos slowly I’m getting better, thanks so much for your comment I appreciate it.

    2. Thanks so much for your comment and criticism I appreciate it I just started making videos but will try to look more into the camera thanks so much

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