Happy day

I’m so glad to tell you that I got my camera today in less than a month I couldn’t be happier I really thought I got to wait a month but we went today to the shop cause was an amazing disscount on cameras so why not geting the chance  but got really dissapointed when I got there cause the body camera was all sold out but atleast bought one with an extra lens and not bad cause I gonna get 50 euros cashback plus an extra workshop course and now I just can’t wait to shoot back again  yeahhh 


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23 thoughts on “Happy day

  1. now lots and lots of new beautiful pictures! πŸ™‚ always nice to get a decent camera especially when you have waiting for one so bad – the day i got mine was probably one of the happiest in my life so far πŸ™‚

  2. Hello lovely Virgit, nice to hear that we will soon see you back on our screens! Canon is a great choice, congrats! Would love to try it… Anyway, why didn’t you buy something easier to use like the CyberShot HX9V from Sony? (http://www.sony.nl/product/dsc-h-series/dsc-hx9v) I have heard a lot of compliments on this Sony camera. Wish you a beautiful day, Baby <3! Hope to hear from you very soon. Sweet kisses, Pascal

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